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The state of your washing machine is paramount as it’s the thing that’s responsible for keeping your clothes clean on a day to day basis; and if/when it inevitably breaks down you want to have the right crew by your side to provide you with outstanding washing machine repair! Our crews at Calgary appliance repair have been at it for a number of years now and as a result have a pulse on what goes into a washing machine restoration in terms of quality of service and clientele experience. As a result we’ve created a set of guidelines which we believe are one of a kind and will result in an experience that’ll be seamless and efficient.


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  • First and foremost we believe in having good rapport with our clientele. We establish this through proper communication in which we foster an environment where our clientele are encouraged to ask questions and voice their concerns. What this does for our clientele is allow them to be more at ease and be more in the loop regarding their projects, as we understand that it can be easy to get lost among all the technical terms and complicated restoration procedures.
  • Our clientele value a crew that’s very experienced and has a wealth of knowledge the process of an effective washer repair, as this is the type of crew that’s able to tackle their washer problems from any which way, lending to a process that’s both seamless and effective. We maintain this quality because we’ve seen what it’s like to have a botched repair job, and how costly it can be for the clientele on the receiving end, and with a crew that’s expertly trained these kinds of risks are nonexistent.
  • Of course when it comes down to it, what most clientele are worried about are the costs associated with their repairs. We understand that this can be a tricky part of the restoration process, which is why we make it crystal clear for our clientele what exactly they’re being charged for and what they can expect from our crew in terms of their serviceability and execution. We do this not only for our sake, but for the sake of our clientele, so that they feel better about where their money’s going.
These are the types of things that help us stand out against our competitors, by going against the grain and setting precedents for our crews work and keep them accountable. We’ve accumulated all this information through years of interacting with clientele and seeing what sticks and what doesn’t, and as a result we have a working guideline of things that help us provide the most optimal service every time for your washing machine repair.
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by Joseph W on Appliance Repair
Samsung washing machine repair

I have used Appliance Repair Service 24/7 in the past and they continue to impress me with their outstanding customer service, reasonable prices and professionalism. The washer repair technician came out to look at my samsung that was not draining. He fixed the drain pump and my machine was up and running the same day! I highly recommend Appliance Repair Services 24/7 for all your appliances.